The WonderDish is an imaginative site furnishing that includes an interactive sound feature, which is sometimes referred to as a whisper dish. Comfortable bench seating and a six foot parabolic dish are integrated into a sleek, sculptural form. Installed in pairs, voices (even whispers) carry over a distance between each WonderDish. This durable seating-with-sound invention is appropriate for parks, gardens, museums, hospitals, therapy facilities, select playgrounds and discerning institutions for its functional, sensory-rich, inclusive and educational aspects.

About the Dish

The WonderDish can be enjoyed by young and old alike, encouraging multi-generational interaction and experiential learning. Users discover their own favorite ways to appreciate the features that this dramatic product offers, all in a fun and dynamic setting. As a therapeutic device, this invention fosters communication.  Please go to Sensory page for further information for use as a therapy tool.

The geometric properties of the parabolic reflector enable sounds to be transmitted and received without need for power or electricity. The bench portion is intended to be used as a seat when speaking, listening, or for just relaxing while the adjacent dish area doubles as a cozy backrest. The centrally located pommel feature, which can also be used to lean on, is the guide for locating the optimal point for speaking and listening.

The WonderDish is manufactured in the United States to demanding specifications in glass fiber reinforced concrete. The innovative design is both weather and vandal resistant and will provide years of low maintenance service. This product may be ordered in both standard or custom colors and is easily installed.

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  • Unique site furnishing that integrates seating and sound
  • Each WonderDish accommodates single or multiple users
  • Seating area is approximately equal to a 6 foot bench
  • Parabolic dish has a 6 foot diameter
  • Installed in pairs at distances up to 200 feet apart
  • Voices carry back and forth, even at a whisper
  • Can be used for science-based learning and interpretives
  • Focal point is 20" away from dish center at 12" up from pommel
  • Numerous additional acoustic properties and effects
  • Totally passive, no power or electricity required
  • The product is molded in glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC)
  • Sculptural base seating feature has a gray, spatter-painted finish
  • Standard Dish colors are painted in solid Red or Blue
  • Graffiti resistant coatings are standard
  • Custom colors or graphics are available
  • Overall dimensions (includes dish):
  • 70" wide x 52" deep x 78" tall, weighs 875 pounds
  • Base dimensions: 46" wide x 52" deep
  • Requires installation on footing and simple alignment
  • Designed to accommodate resilient surfacing (recommended)
  • Indoor and custom installation configurations are possible
  • Units need to be level, at the same elevation, with clear sight-line
  • Complete installation details available upon request
  • Patent Pending

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