WonderChime Seesaw

Perfect for musical and sensory stimulating play, or for teaching science on the playground and in other interpretive settings, this beautiful kinetic sculpture from WonderWorx blends the concept of the ancient aboriginal rain stick with a time-tested playground standard.

About the Seesaw

The WonderChime Seesaw is a patented play invention that attains new heights of cooperative, interactive fun by adding sights and sounds to an aerobic and social play experience. As a musical interactive, it has superballs that strike tuned chimes to create various notes. As a teaching tool, the WonderChime represents an engaging approach to hands-on exploration of subjects such as percussion, pitch, fulcrums, levers, balance, motion, probability, and much more. As a therapeutic device, this invention fosters communication. Please go to Sensory page for further information for use as a therapy tool.

This product is also appropriate for many special needs applications and can be used and enjoyed by adults as well as children. Contact us for full product details and view our spec sheet.

  • Clear polycarbonate tube filled with colorful superballs & chimes
  • Structure Is crafted of durable, polyester powdercoated steel, polycarbonate, & maintenance-free, high density compression molded polyethylene
  • Seats & handles are ergonomically engineered & crafted for enhanced user comfort
  • Chimes are powdercoated aluminum, seated in nylon holders & create three different notes
  • Self-centering, rubber torsion mechanism
  • Meets ASTM & CPSC Guidelines & Is IPEMA Certified
  • Surface Mount or Direct Bury
  • Estimated weight is 168 pounds
  • Maximum fall height is 34 inches
  • Must be installed over an impact-absorbing surface
  • Age appropriate for children 5 to 12
  • Preschoolers require adult supervision
  • U.S. Patents #6,991,549, & #7,682,258

Available in Color Scheme I (Yellow/Blue) or Color Scheme II (Green/Light Blue)
Ships Fully Assembled

Learn more details in connection with this exciting invention and its applications when you call us at 888.653.5595 in Carbondale, Colorado.