The WonderTone is a fascinating invention that is ideal for musical, sensory, educational and inclusive play. This accessible, fun and unusual instrument has an electronic synthesizer that is powered by a hand crank and produces tones that change pitch when a player interacts with the round Motion Sensor on the left side.

About the WonderTone

The unique sounds are heard from a small loudspeaker which faces the players. Suitable for installation either indoors or outside, the WonderTone is an engaging, hands-on product which sparks creativity, encourages social interaction and offers boundless opportunities for people of all abilities. This novel, interactive creation also offers many possibilities for discovery and interpretive experiences plus numerous special needs applications.

The high quality construction is both weather and vandal resistant. The electronic components are designed to withstand a broad range of temperatures and humidity. Tamper-resistant controls are easily accessed to set volume and to perform simple, periodic calibration. As with all WonderWorx® products, this invention requires no power or electricity and works solely on the kinetic energy of the users.

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  • Unique, electronic musical instrument that is kinetically-powered
  • Arch-shaped structure houses components at child-friendly height
  • Accommodates one or two players - more can join in
  • Hand operated generator powers internal synthesizer and loudspeaker
  • Tones are produced by movement of player's hands in mid-air
  • Motion Sensor detects hand movement to vary the pitch
  • Durable, weather resistant design suitable for use outdoors or inside
  • High quality fade-resistant exterior panels
  • Powder coated metal base and internal framework
  • Stainless steel antenna plate and crank cover
  • Stainless, tamper-resistant fasteners
  • Requires occasional, simple calibration
  • External volume and calibration controls are tamper resistant
  • Dimensions: 60" wide x 8" deep x 37" tall
  • Weight: 85 pounds - Made in the U.S.A.
  • Designed for surface mount installation and optional, resilient surfacing
  • Available in Color Scheme I (blue/yellow) or Color Scheme II (green/tan)

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